What is No Tie?

Over 18 years, No Tie has raised $2,179,143 for ASD!

The origins of No Tie Dinner and Dessert Party (commonly referred to as No Tie) are rooted in the passion of Don Maison, the retired CEO of AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD). Maison envisioned an alternative to the traditional fundraising gala, one that was not only relaxed but also built on personal connections for a noble cause. With the assistance of Board Chair Dennis Kershner and his husband John, this vision blossomed into a unique dining experience, where hosts opened their homes for intimate dinners, fostering a sense of community and unity.

The highlight of the event, an extravagant dessert party at the Frontiers of Flight Museum (the venue since its inception), gathers guests from every community in a grand celebration of shared commitment and support for ASD. The event, at its peak, has seen as many as 1,500 attendees, making it a significant fixture in Dallas’ social and philanthropic calendar. 

The ASD Mission

100% of proceeds from No Tie are donated to ASD.

AIDS Services of Dallas (ASD) creates, strengthens, and sustains healthy communities by providing quality, affordable, service-enriched housing to economically disadvantaged individuals and families who are living with, impacted by, or at risk for HIV/AIDS. With a mission that extends beyond housing, ASD is dedicated to offering supportive services tailored to enhance the quality of life, health, and well-being of those it serves.

ASD’s role in the community is underscored by events like No Tie, an inventive and engaging fundraiser that unites community members in an atmosphere of celebration, while channeling essential resources to the residents and services of ASD. In the wake of the pandemic, the resilience and adaptability of ASD are evident as it continues to provide unwavering support to those in need.

ASD's Supportive Housing Program

  1. Privately configured one, two, and three-bedroom apartments
  2. Year-round 24/7 home health care
  3. Medical and Social case management
  4. Nutritious meals
  5. Transportation
  6. Volunteer support from over 1,000 multi-cultural and caring individuals

How Does It Work?

1. DINNER: Host a dinner party or attend a hosted dinner party night of the event. More info here!

2. DRINKS & DESSERT: Attend the main event and mingle with other guest while enjoying an open bar and desserts!

3. SUPPORT ASD: Donate to ASD before, during, or after the event. There will be a great silent auction as well!